Information For Lodge Manager


Opening Lodge Procedures

No Show Billing Form  Procedures

Filling Out Weep Sheet Procedure

Dishware Sanitizing Procedures

Closing Lodge Procedure

Bulk Tickets Procedure

Notes, Guidelines and Documents

Lodge Manager’s Guidelines

LM Training December 2015

Important Notes For Lodge Manager

Food and Lodging Charges

Detailed Description of Duties


Weep Sheet Form (PDF) (Excel) (Doc)

Roster Sheet Form (PDF) (Excel)

Reimbursement Request Form (PDF) (Doc)

No Show Billing Form (PDF) (Doc)

Fulfillment of Obligation Report Form  (PDF) (Doc)

Fix & Repair Form (PDF) (Doc)

Financial Summary Form (PDF) (Excel)

Roster and Financial Summary Form (combined) (Excel)

Bunk Sheet Form (PDF) (Excel)

Bulk Ticket Sold Form (PDF) (Excel)

Bulk Ticket Inventory Form (PDF) (Excel)

Applicant Sponsor Report Form (PDF) (Doc)