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Membership in the Newport Ski Club

Joining the club requires an application, and application fee of $85 per person (or $170 per family). In order to be considered for membership, each applicant must be current with all fees, attend membership meetings, attend social events, attend a work weekend and an organized ski weekend, and demonstrate responsible conduct reflecting favorably on the club, its members, and its reputation.

Once accepted into membership, each adult member must pay a $50 non-refundable initiation fee.  Each member must annually perform one work obligation and pay annual dues. The annual work obligation may be fulfilled during one of the organized ski weekends by taking reservations and managing bunk assignments, buying food and taking inventory at the lodge, or managing the weekend chores.  Members can also fulfill a work obligation by serving as an elected officer or participating on a committee such as lodge maintenance, long-term planning or social events.

All members must complete one work weekend or work function every four years.  Participation in a work weekend or work function also serves to fulfill the annual obligation. Work weekends primarily entail maintenance of the building, property and grounds.

We meet on the second Thursday of each month at Fenner Hall in Newport, RI.  For more information about joining the Newport Ski Club, including our current by-laws and invitation to ski, contact the membership chairperson.