Invitation to Ski

Updated on 12 February 2015

General Information

The Newport Ski Club is a non-profit organization incorporated under the Laws of the State of Rhode Island and authorized to transact business in the State of Vermont, where the Club owns and operates a Lodge at the Okemo Ski Area in Ludlow, Vermont.

The Club was founded in 1954 by a group of ski enthusiasts from the Naval Underwater Ordnance Station. Since then the Club has grown in size and stature, and it has developed a community identity.

The goals and the purposes of the Club are to:

  • Provide economical facilities for skiing and snowboarding through the individual and collective efforts of the members;
  • Promote other outdoor activities; and
  • Provide social activities for its members.

The NSC is a “Do-It-Ourselves” organization in terms of time, talents, and support. A work weekend or work function is mandated once every four years for active members.

Club business meetings are held at 8 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month from September through June, at a specified location. The Club does not meet in July and August but may schedule social activities. The social activities for the year may include: banquet, cookouts, sail day, bike and hiking trips, Christmas Party and other activities.

Minutes of monthly business meetings and announcements of social events, work parties and other activities are sent to each member and applicant, and posted on the website. The Club operates on a Fiscal Year of June 1 through May 31.

Contact Information

The mailing address of the Club is Newport Ski Club, P.O. Box 4253, Middletown, RI 02842. All correspondence with the Club should use this address, as there is no mail delivery to the Lodge. Any checks and money orders should be made payable to the Newport Ski Club.

The location of the Lodge is 120 Upper Crossroad, Ludlow, VT 05149. The telephone number at the Lodge is (802) 228-8021.


The success of the Club can be traced to active participation of its members. Membership is open to any person sharing in the interests of the Club. Members must be at least 21 years old, of good character and interested in participating in the activities of the Club. Members are required to pay an annual dues, perform an annual obligation, and participate in a work weekend or work function once every four years. The annual obligation may be fulfilled by assuming an elected office, serving on committees, serving as a lodge manager, assistant lodge manager or weekend reservationist, or participating in a work party at the Lodge. Members are expected to attend meetings and support social and recreational activities. These activities perpetuate the Club and give members an opportunity to develop new friendships.

Membership in the Club is limited due to accommodations at the Lodge. Application for membership is accomplished by submission of an application form and a non-refundable application fee to the chairperson of the membership committee. The application and fee are renewed annually. The application fee is applied toward annual dues upon acceptance as a member. To become a member, an applicant is required to show a sustained interest in the Club by participating in Club activities (socials, ski weekends and work parties) and attending meetings. The application process may take a year or more. During this application process, an applicant is welcome at the Lodge as a Preferred Guest.


The Club is operated in accordance with its By-Laws and this Invitation to Ski. The governance of the Club is vested in elected officers who serve according to the By-Laws. The officers of the Club are the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Member-at-Large. The officers serve without compensation and are responsible for the administration, direction and guidance of the Club.

The By-Laws establish several standing committees. The work performed by these committees contributes to the smooth operation of the Club and is one of the keys to the Club’s long standing success. The committees offer ample opportunity for member participation in the Club.

Financial Obligations

Dues (and fees and assessments, if any) are billed in July of each year and payable by the September meeting. Any member whose financial obligations are not satisfied by the October meeting may be dropped from the membership rolls. The annual dues structure and assessments are listed in a separate document entitled Fee Schedule. Upon acceptance into membership, new members are required to pay a per member initiation fee along with their respective membership dues. This fee is non-refundable for members joining after January 1, 2013.

The Club cannot survive without member participation. After a year-end review, the Board of Directors may levy an assessment on any member who has failed to contribute or participate in the Club by serving as an elected officer, on a committee or participating in a work weekend.

Lift Tickets

One of the advantages of Club membership is access to discount bulk lift tickets for Okemo and several other ski areas. Members have the opportunity to order these lift tickets by the September meeting. A limited number of tickets for Okemo may be purchased by the Club and will be available for re-purchase by members and applicants during the year. Bulk tickets are to be used by members and applicants only, and may not be resold.

The Lodge

From 1956 to 1966, the Club leased lodges for the ski season in various areas such as West Dummerston, Weston, Ludlow and Rochester, Vermont; and Woodstock and Conway, New Hampshire. After an extensive study in 1965, the Club voted to construct a Lodge at Okemo Ski Area in Ludlow, Vermont. Ludlow, less than a 4-hour drive from Newport, is a growing community; providing church, shopping, medical services and recreational opportunities. There are many other ski areas within a one-hour drive of the Lodge, as well as recreational facilities nearby (fishing, swimming, hunting, hiking, and golfing).

A Club member designed the Lodge. Construction began in October, 1965 and was completed in September, 1966. A contractor erected the basic shell, and the interior finish work was done by the membership. There have been many improvements and major renovations to the Lodge since that time. The Lodge is a chalet in appearance and atmosphere and is conveniently located 500 yards from the Okemo base lodge and lifts. Sleeping accommodations for 46 people are provided in men’s and women’s 4, 5, and 6 person bunk rooms. The 5 person rooms downstairs may be used for family units. Both the kitchen and dining areas are spacious. The large living room has a fireplace, balcony and cathedral ceiling with a large picture window in front. In the basement are a small recreation area, a ski repair and work area, a place for skis and equipment and rental lockers.

The Lodge is maintained and kept in good repair by the work of members under the direction of both a Lodge Maintenance and a Major Maintenance Committee. Weekend work parties are held during the fall and spring to clean, repair and upgrade the Lodge.

Ski Season Lodge Operation (Weekend/Holiday Weeks)

During the ski season and work weekends, the Lodge Operations Committee assigns a Lodge Manager and Assistant Lodge Manager for the weekend. A Reservationist is assigned for seven (7) nights including the weekend (Sunday-Saturday). A list of managers and reservationists is made available to membership in the fall and posted on the website.

The Reservationist takes reservations and assigns sleeping accommodations. Members and applicants wishing to use the Lodge must contact the Reservationist. Reservations for Sunday through Saturday nights are open from 7:00 p.m. on the preceding Monday until 7:00 p.m. on that Tuesday. At the time of reservations, some consideration may be given to room assignment requests, and Weep Sheet requests may be noted for consideration by the Lodge Manager.

In the case where reservation requests exceed capacity, space will be filled according to the following priorities:

  1. Members
  2. Children of Members holding Family or Individual Memberships
  3. Retaining Members (one weekend a year, paying guest rates)
  4. Applicants
  5. Guests
  6. Children of Guests

Bumping is done at the conclusion of the reservation period, and a person who makes a reservation within the allotted time period may bump anyone from a lower category. Within a category, those making later reservations may be bumped.

After 7 p.m. on Tuesday night, all reservations (on a space available basis) and cancellations must be made through the Lodge Manager. Any cancellation after 7 p.m. Wednesday remaining unfilled for the weekend will result in a charge for food. Lodging will also be charged if bumping occurred. Call the Lodge for emergency last minute cancellations if unable to otherwise reach the Lodge Manager.

The Lodge Manager assigns Weep Sheet duties among members and guests, collects all fees and bills, and attends to problems inherent to property ownership and communal living. The Lodge Manager has full authority for the week/weekend’s operation. Weep Sheet duties are to be performed by everyone. Children staying at the Lodge are expected to do age-appropriate Weep Sheet duties. Fees must be paid to the Lodge Manager before you leave the Lodge at the end of the week/weekend.

The Assistant Lodge Manager orders and purchases the food, making sure that there is sufficient food for the menu assigned, and is responsible for taking inventory at the end of the weekend.

Accommodations – A bunk assignment sheet is posted in the main entry and shows room location and assignments. The Lodge Manager posts the bunk assignment sheet and must approve any changes. Except for first floor family rooms, women’s bunk rooms are on the left side and men’s bunk rooms on the right side of the Lodge.

The Lodge supplies the bunk; members and guests must provide their own bedding (sleeping bag, blankets, pillows, mattress pads, etc.), towels, face cloths, soap etc. Personal belongings should be kept in the assigned bunk room, and the room should be left clean upon departure.

The Lodge is kept at 65 degrees, although there may some variation in individual room temperatures. Conserve heat; don’t tamper with the thermostat settings and be cautious in opening windows.

Weep Sheet Duties – Members and guests are assigned duties that are listed on the Weep Sheet posted on the Lodge Manager’s bulletin board. Each person is responsible for checking the Weep Sheet, performing assigned jobs and initialing the Weep Sheet for completed jobs. The number of jobs assigned each person is determined by the number of people at the Lodge for the weekend and the job point value. Your understanding is appreciated and your co-operation expected in fulfilling your job obligations.

Some jobs must be done after the majority of members leave on Sunday (such as bathrooms, kitchen floor, vacuuming etc.). If a job assignment presents a problem, jobs may be swapped with the Lodge Manager’s approval.

Noise – Socializing is welcome as long as it does not interfere with the normal Lodge activities. Except for designated weekends, quiet should be maintained from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

Meals – Breakfast and dinner are served at 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., respectively, unless otherwise announced. Lunch fixings are put out during the breakfast hour. Dress is informal at all meals; however, no inappropriate clothing should be worn in the main dining and living areas. There is no eating in the bunk rooms.

On the Personal Side – Upon arrival, check the bunk sheet for room assignments, and store personal items in your room as soon as possible. Do not clutter the living area with sleeping bags and luggage.

Bedrooms are shared with 3 to 5 other people. Consideration is the key. Personal belongings should be kept together in the appropriate areas. Reading lights and electronic devices should not disturb others. The room nightlight should be left on for those arriving later. Late arrivals should be considerate of people sleeping. All belongings should be moved off the bedroom floor on Sunday morning to permit the rooms to be vacuumed.

Conserve water by taking short showers. Water supply is limited.

A limited number of lockers for storing personal gear are available for a yearly rental fee. Absolutely no ski or board equipment or other personal gear may be stored at the Lodge except in rented lockers.

Children – Children are welcome at the Lodge, particularly when they are well-behaved and supervised. Children may not be left alone in the Lodge at any time. It is suggested that parents establish age appropriate bedtime hours. Roughhousing by anyone in any form, screaming, fighting or running through the Lodge will not be tolerated. Lodge Managers and members will enforce order if necessary. Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior and will be held accountable for same. Children are expected to do age-appropriate Weep Sheet duties.

Guests – Guests must be sponsored by a member who is present at the Lodge. Guests are the responsibility of that member, and must leave with the member who sponsors them unless sponsored by another member at the Lodge. Reservations for guests must be made by the sponsoring member. Guest expenses are to be paid by sponsoring member. Lodge operation should be explained to guests and guests should introduce themselves to the Lodge Manager and others at the Lodge.

Parking/Transportation – Parking facilities are limited. Drivers are to leave a set of keys on the keyboard so cars can be moved in emergencies or if a car is blocked in. When parking, beware of ice and snow sliding off the roof. Please inform the Reservationist if you are willing to take passengers on the ride to the Lodge.

Refrigeration – A refrigerator is available for members and guests to store their beverages during their stay. All personal beverages must be marked and any unused food or beverages must be removed when you leave. Please keep personal medications secure and out of sight. If refrigeration is need for personal medications, please store in a bag with your name on it.

TVs & Audible Electronics – Televisions and audible electronic systems are not allowed at the Lodge except for pre-approved special events.

Pets – Pets are not allowed in the Lodge.

Smoking – Smoking and illegal substances are not allowed in the Lodge.

Telephone – Direct-dialed phone calls are restricted to Club business and emergencies, and must be logged. Use a personal phone card or cell phone for all other calls.

Departure – After skiing on Sunday, please return to the Lodge by 4:30 p.m. or make suitable arrangements with the Lodge Manager.

Mid-Week Ski Season and Off Season Lodge Use

There is no organized operation of the Lodge during non-holiday mid-weeks, except for scheduled special week events. Two members are required to open the Lodge unless otherwise approved by the Executive Board. The current Schedule of Food & Lodging Charges applies.

The following guidelines apply:

  • Reservations should be made with the appropriate Reservationist (in season) or Lodge Operations (off-season). Members using the Lodge with groups should coordinate with other members who plan to use the Lodge during the same time period in order to make adequate provisions for bunkroom assignments and use of the kitchen facilities.
  • The Lodge Opening Procedure and Lodge Closing Procedure posted on the Lodge Manager’s bulletin board should be followed.
    The Lodge should be maintained in an orderly fashion during the mid-week stay.
  • Be considerate of others who may be at the Lodge and share the facilities.
  • Clean up after yourself and leave the Lodge in good condition.
  • Fill out the appropriate form and forward it along with fees to the Treasurer at the Club’s P.O. Box address, or during ski season leave it at the Lodge Manager’s Desk.



The Lodge is the culmination of the efforts of many people over a period of years, and is a valuable asset. The organization of the Newport Ski Club has changed very little over the past years. It is a credit to the ideas, guidelines and concepts of the past members that the Club has lasted and been successful, and has made possible the skiing and boarding opportunities and friendships members enjoy today. The Lodge is here for your use and pleasure. Your cooperation is the key to our success! As an owner-member, take personal responsibility for the success of the Newport Ski Club.