How to make reservations

Mid-Week Changes

Mid-Week and Off-Season Clean-up Checklist

Mid-Week and Off-Season Guidelines

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Reservations are made by contacting the assigned reservationist shown on the lodge schedule either by phone or email and may only be made by active members, applicant members, or retaining members (all collectively referred to as “members” hereafter). Except during the off season, reservations can only be made by a member for themselves, their guests or family members as applicable; reservations cannot be made on behalf of other members or applicants.

Reservations by telephone should not be made before 9:00 AM or after 9:00 PM.  Two members are required to open the lodge. Any exceptions require approval of the president and executive board. Approval must be requested by the member making a reservation and communicated by the president/executive board to the reservationist.

Ski Season Weekends, Vacation Weeks and Work Weekends Reservations

Reservations for Friday and Saturday nights, or midweek vacation periods listed on the lodge schedule are open from 7:00 p.m. on the Monday 12 days preceding the weekend until 7:00 p.m. on the Tuesday preceding the weekend. The reservation period for a vacation week follows the same schedule as the preceding weekend. Any requests for a reservation made before the  reservation period opens will be listed instead at the end of Monday’s reservation list in the reverse order in which they were requested. When reservations close on Tuesday, the Reservationist determines if any bumping will occur and notifies members of such. After 7 pm Tuesday, a member may make a reservation provided the lodge is not at capacity. After 7 pm Wednesday, reservations must be made with the lodge manager.

Note that any person cancelling a reservation after 7 pm Wednesday (or after the food is ordered) will be charged for the weekend food. If bumping occurred, and the vacancy resulting from the cancellation remains unfilled, then the person who cancelled will be billed for both food and lodging for the weekend.

When making a reservation members must provide the following information:

  • Name and phone number (even if making an e-mail reservation) of the membermaking the reservation
  • Name, gender, age (if under age 18), and membership classification of each person (family, individual or life member;child of member; applicant family, individual,  or child of applicant; retaining member; guest; child of guest)
  • The nights they plan to stay;
  • Whether any guests and/or children are unbumpable.
Ski Season Mid-week Reservations

Lodge reservations for Sunday through Thursday night, other than for MLK holiday and vacation weeks listed on the lodge schedule, are to be made with the mid-week reservationist by 7 pm of the day before the day of arrival. In the event of an overbooked lodge, the reservationist will follow the bumping hierarchy.

Off Season Reservations

Reservationists are listed for off season which is defined to be the period after the last ski weekend in March until the first ski weekend in December. During this period there are no deadlines for making a reservation and bumping does not apply.

In order to promote lodge usage in the off season, one or more members may organize a group to stay at the lodge for a specific period of time, and one of the organizers may make a reservation on behalf of the entire group. The organizer is responsible for collecting fees from the group and remitting to the treasurer.

Confirming Reservations

The reservationist is expected to confirm all reservations within twenty-four hours of receipt of the reservation. If a confirmation has not been received in this time, the member should contact the reservationist. If a confirmation is not received within 24 hours thereafter, the member should contact the lodge operations chair unless the chair is the reservationist, in which case the member should contact the club president.

Receipt of a confirmation does not necessarily ensure that a member’s reservation is finalized. During the ski season, if more reservations are made than the maximum occupancy, a member and/or a guest can be “bumped”. Reservationists will notify members who have been bumped shortly after close of reservations.